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Environmental Psychology in the Workplace and How It Affects Wellbeing

In the workplace, environmental psychology plays a great role as far as employees’ wellbeing is concerned. Actually, environmental psychology studies the relationship between your health and the environment you live in. In this article, we are going to dig deeper to find out more about it. Read on to find out more.

According to Russel and Snodgrass, environmental psychology is a branch of brain science. It aims to show the relationship between living beings and nature. Plus, it studies different aspects of the coexistence of people and the environment.

Basically, environmental psychology is a modern concept, and it appeared as a psychology branch post the research publication at the University of New York in 1958.

Actually, this branch of brain science comes from the belief that nature plays a great role as far as human conduct and development is concerned. According to this belief, nature makes an important contribution to how we behave, feel and think.

The Research Paper

A research paper was published on the same subject. The title of the research paper was Human-Nature Relationship And Its Impact On Health: A Critical Review. This research study explores different aspects of the connection we have with nature. Plus, it finds out how this relationship can have an impact on our overall health and well-being.

According to Valentine Seymour, the author, our relationship with Mother Nature has an association with the fundamentals of evolutionary psychology. Aside from this, the study sheds some light on the ideas of scouts, environmentalism, psychology, social economics and evolutionary biology and how the relationship between all these has an impact on human health and employee wellbeing in the workplace. Detailed below are the other suggestions given by the interdisciplinary research:

If you maintain access to nature, it can help you improve physical conditions, such as chronic pain, cardiac illnesses and hypertension. We know that diseases are quite common these days, which is why taking proper precautions is paramount.

If you develop a strong relationship with the natural environment, it can improve your emotional health in addition to eliminating feelings of social isolation. Aside from this, it can also help you reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, mood disorders, and attention disorders, just to name a few.

Also, nature-friendly individuals are more conscious about the environment. Therefore, they are more responsible. Apart from this, they enjoy a rational sense of getting the most out of their physical space. And they are proactive to create rules and regulations that can help improve and maintain the environment they live in.

If you keep close to nature and observe the important elements of it, you can appreciate the core of it. And all of this can have a self-healing and therapeutic effect on you.

Long story short, you can learn a lot by getting closer to your environment. It will give you a new perspective to your healthy living. Plus, you will get the motivation to achieve more as an employee. Hope this helps.